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So true it hurts.


Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man

One of my favorite books: The Giving Tree

This book reminds me of being at my grandmother’s house. It lived there along with a hodge-podge of other toys that had just always lived at Grandma’s. Like my mother’s old baby doll and the clothes my Grandma sewed for it. And the life-sized stuffed pink python my Grandpa brought my mom from a toy convention he attended in NYC in the 60s.

8 ways to kill an idea


WTF Pandora?

The music industry needs to get their sh*t together. Srsly.

That’s the way flash mobs go

More flash mobbing, more group dancing. I’m finding myself very cynical about these now. I refuse to watch another video of Phillipino prisoners. But secretly, deep down, I really want to do lots of mass public dancing.

To my 8 year old self:

It never pays to lie to the gym teacher. The only thing worse than having to run during P.E. is getting caught in a lie about how many laps you ran – in front of the whole class.