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That’s the way flash mobs go

More flash mobbing, more group dancing. I’m finding myself very cynical about these now. I refuse to watch another video of Phillipino prisoners. But secretly, deep down, I really want to do lots of mass public dancing.


Jazz hands

Jazz hands is a common gesture often used in theatre and dance. To perform jazz hands, one’s hands are opened with palms facing forward and the fingers are splayed.

The position of the arms can vary. Forearms are usually extended upward, or the forearms may extend forward with the elbows held close to the body, or forearms may extend to the sides or downward. If the arms are outstretched with fingers wiggling up and down it is more commonly referred to as “spirit fingers”.

Some believe the gesture to be derived from The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson.

The hands may then be shaken slightly, as if holding a tambourine. However, this is not a necessary part of the jazz hands action.

Shake it to the ground

With legs forever, she was one of the best