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Maurice Levy on Publicis, le Crisis

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He is also caustic about the roots of the crisis, echoing a widely held European view that a “perversion” of capitalism drove Wall Street to try to profit from the idea of extending home ownership to the masses. “Capitalism cannot be only about maximizing profit,” he declared.

Challenged his interviewer: “But aren’t advertising and marketing all about fueling capitalism – about making people want bigger houses, and things to fill them with?

Lvy riposted: “We don’t lie to them, we don’t cheat them,” he said. “We don’t tell them something is a triple-A product when it is not a triple-A product.”
No, I don’t think we lie. But we definitely pervert the concept of “need”, and *that* fuels capitalism.

On branding… food for thought

There’s a growing disconnect between U.S. management and U.S. marketing. Management wants to build a business. Marketing wants to build a brand. The two are often diametrically opposed. To build a business, you tend to “expand” the brand. To build a brand, you generally need to “contract” the brand.

– via AdAge