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WTF Pandora?

The music industry needs to get their sh*t together. Srsly.


Neil Young box set? A slice of hell with a side of torture.

As a music lover, Neil Young is one of those artists I feel I should fully appreciate and even enjoy. Well, I don’t. No doubt some of the tunes are good, great even – but I never want to hear them actually sung by him. For some unknown reason, Bob Dylan (earlier – not present day) escapes the same fate. Anyhow, for those audio-masochists out there, enjoy.

How did you get so long?

You’re on Ver-iiiiiii-zon.

I know this world is hard for you

Moscow Never Sleeps

but I really should…


In 1978 Boney M. made a much publicized promotional visit to the Soviet Union, which in the shadow of the Cold War made them one of the very few Western acts along with Elton John to do so. Although tracks like “Rasputin” were officially banned in the Soviet Union because of their lyrics, the band was still welcomed by the Soviet regime and this visit resulted in an enormous popularity in the entire former Eastern Bloc that has lasted for more than three decades.

Rah rah Rasputin, indeed.